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Tier 1 Candles


Growing up in Ohio, Friday nights were for football games and Saturday nights were for solving the world's problems around backyard bonfires. Although we rarely agreed on a perfect solution, we always parted as friends.


Since lockdown in 2020, I wondered what veteran suicide might be telling us about America’s actual priority needs today, how do we fund the health innovations from this population to unite us forward, and where could I contribute now.


In the chaos, I returned to fire for clarity and calm.

The reality is, everyone has a story. Fire is one of the most primal forms of communication.

And out of all the senses, smell is linked closest to memory.

​After listening to many military podcasts, a few phone conversations and even fewer in-person events, I was inspired to create the best candle I could in a way that invites Americans to continue the conversation at home.


In 2022, I started War Fire Candle Co. where I handcraft premium candles to raise awareness around the veteran entrepreneurs, spouses and non-profits who are pioneering best in class health innovations from battlefield to bedroom.

I believe funding and scaling essential health solutions around those who have been exposed to the worst of the worst, ensures America gets the best of the best. 

Reusable Vessel | Crackling Wooden Wick | Coconut Soy Wax | Fine Fragrance Oil 



To deliver the highest quality human connection outcomes with the least amount of screen time


To ensure U.S. innovation outpaces suicide death

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