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War Fire Candle Co.

Tier 1 Candles for Patriotic Problem Solvers


Everyone has a story.

Fire is one of the most primal and ancient forms of communication.

Out of all the senses, smell is linked closest to memory.

Currently, War Fire Candle Co. partners exclusively with the U.S. Special Operations Veteran, Entrepreneur and Spouse community to enhance mission impact by leveraging the power of fire and fragrance.

We handcraft small batch candles and custom experiences that ignite high quality human connection through stories of survival.  

War Fire Candle Co. exists to honor every U.S. military life lost to suicide by supporting the boldest pioneers committed to stopping the bleed in truly transformational ways.

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Reusable Vessel | Crackling Wooden Wick | Fine Fragrance Oil

Made in U.S.A.

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To deliver the highest quality human connection experiences with the least amount of screen time


To ensure U.S. innovation outpaces military suicide

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