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The War Fire Story


Everyone has a story.

Fire is one of the most primal and ancient forms of communication.

Out of all the senses, smell is linked closest to memory.

Invite the fragrance and flame of a War Fire Candle on your storytelling journey, from pain to purpose and purpose to progress.


War Fire Candle Co. 

Handcrafted candles for people who love innovating for America by returning to the basics.

Handcrafted candles for patriotic problem solvers 


Share you story, forge the future. Today.

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The Company

War Fire Candle Co. exists to honor the 30,177+ U.S. military lives lost to suicide, and teams with the boldest pioneers committed to stopping the bleed in truly transformational ways.

We handcraft small batch candles and custom experiences that ignite high quality human connection through stories of survival.  

Currently, War Fire Candle Co. partners exclusively with the U.S. Special Operations Veteran, Entrepreneur and Spouse community to enhance mission impact of their small business or nonprofit by leveraging the power of fire and fragrance.

Here's why:

When innovation quality is defined and designed by those who have survived the worst of the worst, America gets the best of the best.

Every. Story. Matters.

The Candle

The War Fire Candle Co. signature vessel is handcrafted from concrete, finished with natural wax and triple sealed with a no VOC, non-toxic water based preserver/sealer.

The crackling wooden wick is sourced sustainably, and the wax is a natural coconut-soy blend, scented with the highest quality IFRA phthalate-free fragrance oils on the market. #knowyourexposures

All candle materials are manufactured and purchased proudly in the U.S.


Learn more about candle safety here: 

Light the wick, share your shit.  Over 60 hours of slow burn time with a calm crackle and fine fragrance, the War Fire Candle is America's battle buddy for speaking tough truths to create new scent memories and forge the future.

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The Candlemaker

Hi, I'm Victoria. Growing up in Ohio, Friday nights were for football games and Saturday nights were for backyard bonfires.

Memories of solving the world's problems around a fire are simple: no topics were off limits, no two viewpoints were the same, and we always parted as friends.


As a Midwestern millennial spending 2020 lockdown in Silicon Valley and learning about military suicide increases, I felt the deep disconnect between screen time quantity vs. the face time quality American citizens require to rebuild:

human communication forged on curiosity, cohesion and calm. Fire invites us back to the basics. 

During my career as an executive assistant, I learned how to support high performing (mostly male) leaders and their spouses 'backstage' while navigating complex unknowns of major transformational change across healthcare, entertainment and financial services. This skill set, combined with curiosity, conviction and unsophisticated dot connecting, lead me to key pioneers in the Special Operations Veteran community coordinating to solve suicide.

Now, how the heck will a secretary from Ohio support an unknown solution with a population she's never even heard of?


Handcrafted candles for people who love innovating for America by returning to the basics.

 War Fire Candle Co. is ignited by the generous, ongoing collection of specific SOF veteran and spouse stories I'm learning from podcasts, phone calls, emails, in person events, online research and super select social media (thank you all - if you know, you know).  Everyday I am 100% committed to creating high quality scent experiences that invite quality connection.


War Fire Candle Co. exists to honor the 30,177+ U.S. military lives lost to suicide, and amplify SOF veteran mission cohesion for effective prevention as a necessary path to unconventional innovation for America. 


Thank you for the opportunity to support your full storytelling journey, from pain to purpose and purpose to progress. 

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or IG: 

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