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The War Fire Story


America depends on innovations from war and Warfighters to rebuild, compete and win.

War Fire Candle Co. makes handcrafted candles for bold, patriotic problem solvers.


Despite ample public 'awareness', billions of government dollars spent and 40,000+ veteran non profits, suicide still remains a top problem with no effective solution.


How does solving suicide for SOF (a small and mighty veteran population of 40,000) directly impact the safety and freedom of 330 million citizens? 

When innovation is defined and designed by those who have survived the worst of the worst, America gets the best of the best.

War Fire Candle Co. exists to honor every U.S. military life lost to suicide by supporting the boldest pioneers committed to stopping the bleed in truly transformational ways.

That's why each purchase benefits Special Operations veteran organizations coordinating to deliver effective suicide prevention, and drive innovation quality for America.

Handcrafted Cement Vessel | Crackling Wooden Wick | Fine Fragrance Oil

Made in U.S.A.

Vic Candle Mini Lights.jpg


To deliver the highest quality human connection experiences with the least amount of screen time


To ensure U.S. innovation outpaces military suicide

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